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Cancer & HBOT

Insight — August 12, 2022

The use of oxygen in the treatment of cancer has been around as a concept for a long time in…

The menopause, strength training & HBOT

Insight — August 5, 2022

Sarcopenia (the loss of muscle mass) can start to manifest in some women from as early as 30 years old….

Multi-sport disciplines & HBOT

Insight — July 29, 2022

Triathlon: three sports and many different ways to injure yourself. Swimming, cycling and running all carry their own unique brand…

Road Rash Injuries & HBOT

Insight — July 22, 2022

Road rash is a common cyclist’s injury. It is an abrasion caused by friction. It happens to your skin when…

Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

Insight — July 15, 2022

Experimental studies and clinical experience have shown that HBOT can significantly improve the outcome of Traumatic Brain Injury. This happens…

HBOT: Mainstream or Alternative? Part 2

Insight — July 8, 2022

Continued from Part 1… Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional medical treatments prescribed by a doctor. They can help people…