Chamber Equipment

HybO2 offers a wide selection of high grade supporting equipment to ensure your hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is simple and efficient to use whilst maintaining the high level of engineering and maintenance upon which HybO2 prides itself

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Specifications will vary according to the model fitted. Model may vary.

  • Lighter than your conventional piston type air compressor, weighing just over 22kg
  • Fitted with a standard 13A UK plug
  • 24 litre tank capacity provides an air displacement of 5.2CFM/150 litres per minute and 100 psi
  • 2 large wheels and 2 robust rubber mounted feet and a handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • Oil free – maintenance free and no oil contamination
  • Powered by a Hyundai 750W / 230v direct drive electric motor
  • Low noise air compressor

Width 295mm | Height 560mm | Length 750mm | Weight 22.5 kg
Operating pressure 7.0 bar absolute
Operating capacity 170 lpm


Specifications will vary according to the model fitted. Model may vary.

HybO2 recommends a minimum of one concentrator per chamber occupant however sometimes more are required.

Width 450mm | Height 1050mm | Depth 800mm | Weight 102 kg
Operating pressure 4.5 bar absolute
Output ≈ 17 Ipm under test
Purity ≈ 93% ±3%
Power consumption 1800W

Control units

Specifications will vary according to the model fitted. Model may vary.

These act as the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and come with their own built-in compressor negating the requirement for a separate compressed air supply.


Width 500mm | Height 1200mm | Depth 510mm | Weight 102 kg
Operating pressure 4.5 bar absolute
Operating capacity 170 lpm


Specifications will vary according to the model fitted. Model may vary.

Some chillers only cool down the air as it comes from the
compressor. HybO2 upgrades all our chillers to allow for cooling of the chamber atmosphere whilst under pressure.

Oro-nasal mask

This oro-nasal mask is moulded from silicone rubber. The anatomically shaped design aids a leak free comfortable fit secured by the five strap adjustable headgear.

This is our most efficient mask and it relies on a close fit. Due to the amortising effect of the silicon there is a slight delay on inhalation. The mask is soft enough to pinch the nose to equalise through the silicon. It is easy to clean and available in five sizes.

Hiperoxy mask

A lighter more comfortable fitting unit with an integrated head strap, this is our most popular mask for frequent users. It is easy to pull away from the face to pinch the nose for ear equalising.

As the mask is less contoured exact fitting is not so important and the same sized unit can be used for different sized patients.

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We aim to provide the quickest technical intervention in the industry. We are able to service your equipment within two days to a week within the UK. Manufactured under modern standards in the EU (x-ray, ultrasound and dye penetrant liquid inspections = DPI) and conform to our high standards of efficiency and safety. For safety reasons, all chambers are tested during production to a maximum of 1.25 x the maximum working pressure.

Our chambers are for commercial use only and considered as non-medical as they do not operate pressures greater than 2 bar absolute and are not used for the treatment of decompression illnesses sometimes found in divers and cassion workers.