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HybO2 are global distributors of some of the best hyperbaric chambers in the world. We sell to companies and individuals and our experienced HybO2 team will work closely with you to ensure that your specific requirements are met by providing expert advice and guidance. We offer a wide range of hyperbaric chambers for purchase, all of which conform to our high standards of efficiency and safety whilst adhering to the HybO2 ethical pricing policy.

At HybO2 we do not believe in the clinical effectiveness of hyperbaric treatment at any pressures of less than 1.5 ATA (Atmosphere Absolute). With this in mind, we therefore only offer hyperbaric chambers for purchase that deliver a minimum pressure of 1.5 ATA, advancing to chambers that are able to deliver pressures of up to 3 ATA. HybO2 are also able to supply deeper operating chambers if required.

Full service support is included with every purchase and HybO2 will assist with training packages wherever necessary to ensure the competency of individuals who will be operating our equipment. We also design and support planned maintenance strategies if needed.

Monoplace and Multiplace Chambers

HybO2 offers both monoplace and multiplace hyperbaric chambers for purchase. In a monoplace chamber, a single patient breathes compressed pure oxygen. In a multiplace chamber, several patients are able to share a larger chamber together at the same time while they each breathe pure oxygen through a face mask or hood. These hard-shell chambers can be supplied by oxygen concentrators or by means of liquid oxygen.

We sell monoplace and multiplace chambers that are compressed on air with oxygen delivered via a built in breathing system. We also sell monoplace chambers that are compressed on pure oxygen for use in clinical environments.

HybO2 are able to tailor a chamber to the specific needs of a customer, such as wheel chair accessibility, trolley or gurney access or any other requirements.

Control panel of a HybO2 hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

Portable Chambers

We also offer a range of portable hyperbaric chambers aimed primarily at the sporting market where a chamber may need to be set up on site for an athlete’s post-event recovery. HybO2 portable chambers deliver a pressure of 1.5 ATA.

Portable hyperbaric chambers are also suitable for use in the home where it may not be practical to install a larger hard-shell chamber.

Prices for all HybO2 hyperbaric chambers are available on application – please contact us.

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