New hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic Now on social media

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic HybO2 House based in Winchester, Hampshire is on social media! Follow our journey on your favourite channel.

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HybO2 can now be found on social media channels – we are dedicated to growing our online community and bringing our customers the latest news on hyperbaric oxygen therapy, sharing clinic updates and special events, customer reviews and feedback, as well as providing advice and wellness tips! Did you know that celebrities like Marc Jacobs and Justin Bieber are fans of hyperbaric oxygen therapy? You’ll be in the know when you click the ‘Follow’ button on our profiles.

You will currently find HybO2 on the following social media platforms:


The team at hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic HybO2 House based in Winchester, Hampshire is looking forward to opening their doors in the heart of this historic city – the first people to know about the details of the opening will be those following our journey on our social media channels! You will also have the first peek inside the HybO2 House clinic, get to meet our team of experts such as Andre, the Director of Physiotherapy, and find out about the many benefits that using hyperbaric oxygen chambers can bring.

We want to hear from you – do you have a question about hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Or perhaps you’d like to see the chambers at work so you know what to expect on your visit? Link up with us on your favourite channel and send us a message!