Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & The Workplace

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Installing a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chamber in your workplace can save money, reduce sickness and improve productivity.

According to Gov.UK the sickness absence rate in the UK in 2021 rose to 2.2% from a record low of 1.8% in 2020. This is the highest it has been since 2010 when it was also 2.2%. This translates as an estimated 149.3 million lost working days because of sickness or injury, equivalent to 4.6 days per worker per year. The most common reason for sickness absence in 2021 was ‘other’ conditions, including accidents, poisonings, diabetes and COVID which accounted for nearly one in four of all occurrences of sickness absence in 2021. The groups with the highest rates of sickness absence in included women, older workers, those with long-term health conditions, people working part-time and people working in care, leisure and other service occupations.

Clearly as an employer an absent employee is non-productive, however a sick employee who attends work will be less productive than they would in full health. They’re less attentive and risk injuring themselves or making critical errors and they also place their fellow employees and their productivity at risk.



More and more workplaces are discovering that a robust employee health and wellness program not only reduces absences in the work force but gets absent employees back to work at full capacity which reduces cost and risk exposure.

Most reasons for absence from work are scenarios that can be supported in recovery with oxygen therapy, and it is now widely accepted that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) reduces the longevity and severity of long COVID which has been a major strain on the work force.

Installing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at the workplace as part of an integrated wellness program could well reduce loss of time, speed up return to full capacity post sickness or injury and increase productivity.



HBOT is now being used by athletes to improve performance and there are also research programs looking into the effect of HBOT as a support in the treatment of PTSD, depression and other mental health issues.

Furthermore, the availability of a chamber in the workplace sends a strong signal to the workforce of the management’s commitment to their welfare.

HybO2 offers a range of HBOT chambers that can be operated safely in the workplace with full training support and installation.