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HybO2 House is a hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic in Winchester offering a range of pioneering treatments to diminish pain, promote healing and enhance wellbeing

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HybO2 House

HybO2 House is a hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic located in the centre of the historic City of Winchester in the beautiful county of Hampshire in the South of England.

The clinic offers a selection of superior monoplace and multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers for use by our clients. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can assist with the treatment of a wide range of ailments, conditions and complaints and can also increase overall health, wellbeing and vitality.

Inside a blue HybO2 hyperbaric oxygen chamber shown in UV light

HybO2 chambers

Hyperbaric chambers at the HybO2 House clinic are of the very highest quality and are among the best in the world.

To optimise effectiveness, pressure in a hyperbaric chamber should be greater than or equal to 1.5 ATA (Atmosphere Absolute). Normal atmospheric pressure when you are at sea level is 1 ATA. In clinical practice, pressures applied usually range from 2 to 3 ATA.

All HybO2 hyperbaric chambers at our clinic apply a minimum pressure of 2 ATA.

If you are interested in purchasing a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, HybO2 offers a wide selection of chambers for sale including portable chambers suitable for use at home. Our team offers a bespoke consultation service to ensure that every client’s specific requirements are met. Find out more here.


Appointments for sessions in our hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers at HybO2 House can be booked via the Contact Us page. All appointments are an hour and a half long and can be booked individually or as a series.

Please also feel free to contact the clinic by email at reception@hybo2.com or by calling us directly on 01962 862 111.

  • When arriving at the clinic, I entered a very warm and relaxed environment which instantly boosted my personal experience especially as a young adult.

    Clemmie, Hampshire, UK
  • I have been having hyperbaric oxygen therapy regularly for two months to assist my recovery from surgery. The results have been incredible.

    Natasha, London, UK
  • I am a rugby player in the UK and have been using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to aid my body's recovery after matches. I can honestly say that I have never felt better and my energy levels have increased hugely.

    Daniel, Bristol, UK
  • Following my HBOT treatment, I've had a brilliant day. My breathing is almost back to normal, I've felt incredibly energised, and I have been able to complete everyday household tasks at a normal pace. Hyperbaric medicine is life changing. And I plan to continue using it after my Long Covid recovery. I'm a lot more optimistic now about returning to full health.

    Katie, London, UK
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped me recover from the debilitating Long Covid symptoms that I had been experiencing. My energy levels have returned to normal and I no longer suffer from headaches and extreme fatigue.

    Sarah, Hampshire, UK

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